Welcome to the Small Pet Journal, where we are committed to bringing you free, fresh, and up to date information that you can rely on.

The Small Pet Journal was established in 2019, and our goal is to create a valuable online resource to help all pet owners provide excellent care to their small pets. Our articles cover all the popular mini companion animals from rabbits to rats and hamsters to hedgehogs.

For each animal, we include a variety of articles covering the main aspects of the pet’s care, including:

  • Housing, cages, and cage furniture.
  • Bedding and litter.
  • Dietary needs, pet food, and foods to exclude.
  • Social needs, both with humans and their own species.
  • General care, species-specific care, things to avoid.
  • Product recommendations and reviews.
  • Frequently asked questions.

Our team of researchers, writers, and editors work hard to ensure that the information here is accurate. Many of our articles include references to the source material. We want you to have confidence in the information we present.

We are here to provide you with evidence-based knowledge so that you can provide your small furries with excellent care. We hope that the Small Pet Journal can help you overcome any care-related anxieties and avoid common mistakes.

Then you’ll be free to take pleasure in your animals, knowing that you are doing the best for them and helping them to enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life.

Our Experts


Alison has been living with rats for the past 22 years. She researches and writes within the international rat community. Author of The Scuttling Gourmet and Ratwise Membership, she has recently launched the Ratwise Store and library.