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The 5 Best Guinea Pig Beds & Cuddle Cups to Buy

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Guinea pigs aren’t very high-maintenance pets. As long as you provide them with a spacious and secure enclosure, plenty of fresh water and a nutritious diet, they’ll usually live long, healthy lives.

However, there are a few things you can add to your guinea pet’s home to help ensure he is as happy as possible. One of the best things to give your pet is a comfortable bed. This will not only help ensure that your guinea pig gets the rest he needs, but it may also help him feel safe and secure too – rodents usually don’t like sleeping out in the open!

We’ll share five of the best guinea pig beds on the market below so you can pick out one that’ll help your pet sleep comfortably. We’ll also explain the reasons beds are so helpful for guinea pigs and the types of things you’ll want to consider when picking one out for your pet.

The Five Best Beds for Guinea Pigs

Below, we detail five of the very best guinea pig beds available on the market. While any of these beds should work really well for your pet, be sure to compare them all carefully, so you can purchase the one that’ll make you and your pet happiest.

1. Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle E-Cup Bed

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The Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup is a high-quality, comfortable bed that most guinea pigs should love using. But this bed isn’t only comfortable, it also comes with a number of helpful features to ensure that it is safe for your pet and convenient for you.

For example, this bed features a padded bottom for maximum comfort. However, the padding used is foam-free to help prevent problems from occurring, should your guinea pig decide to chew on the bed. The exterior is made from durable nylon, while the interior is covered in plush fur to keep your pet warm and cozy. A sturdy swivel clip is also included so you can attach the bed safely and securely to the bars of your pet’s enclosure.

The bed measures 10 inches long, by 12 inches wide, and it is about 5 ½ inches tall, which means your guinea pig should have plenty of space to stretch out. The bed comes in four different colors, and it is machine washable, which will make it easier to keep the bed clean.

  • Swivel snap will help keep the bed in place
  • Foam-free filling provides extra safety
  • Fur interior and padded floor offer maximum comfort
  • Very affordable
  • You can’t choose the color
  • This bed may be too large for some guinea pig enclosures

2. WOWOWMEOW Guinea Pig Bed

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The WOWWOWMEOW Guinea Pig Bed is a burrow- or den-style bed that provides a sleeping space that is somewhat similar to the types of places wild rodents sleep. This means your pet will not only stay warm and comfortable when sleeping, but he’ll also enjoy the security this den-like bed provides.

This bed features a short plush fabric that will help keep your pet warm, but it shouldn’t trap very much of your pet’s shed hair. It is available in eight fun colors and prints, so you can show off your pet’s sense of style, and it is machine washable too. The bed comes with two clips so you can attach it securely to the sides of your pet’s enclosure to prevent it from wandering around.

This bed comes in three different sizes. The small size measures 6 inches long and 6 inches wide by 5 inches tall. The medium size is 7 inches long, 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall; and the large bed is an 11-inch square, which is about 6 inches tall.

  • Looks great and is available in several adorable color patterns
  • The den-like design is great for nervous or skittish cavies
  • Available in three sizes to suit your pet’s size
  • Machine washable
  • Some owners reported that the opening doesn’t stay open
  • A lot of owners found it smaller than they expected
  • Ships from China, so it may take a while to arrive

3. MYIDEA Warm Guinea Pig Bed

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The MYIDEA Guinea Pig Bed provides a cute little sleeping space that is somewhat similar to a natural den or burrow. This will allow your pet to enjoy a snug and warm sleeping space, which will help him feel safe and secure while he sleeps.

This bed is covered in a combination of striped velvet and plush fabric, and it comes with a non-slip bottom. The interior is stuffed with high-precision PP cotton, and the entire bed is machine washable. A soft pillow is included for the bottom of the bed. The pillow features a zipper opening, so you can insert a heating pad inside it.

The MYIDEA Bed is available in eight different adorable print patterns, including several that look like other animals (including crocodiles, bees, and others). It comes in both small and large sizes too, so you can pick a size that suits your specific pet. The manufacturer recommends using the small size for pets weighing less than 1 pound and the large size for pets over 1 pound.

  • Heating pad compartment in the pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Very cute patterns that resemble animals
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Does not come with clips
  • Several owners found that the large size was too small for guinea pigs

4. FLAdorepet Guinea Pig Bed

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The FLAdorepet Guinea Pig Bed provides a roomy, yet enclosed sleeping space for guinea pigs who like to stretch out. This will help ensure your guinea pig stays warm and feels secure, yet still has enough room to move around once inside.

This bed comes with a non-skid bottom and a removable interior mat. It is made from high-quality plush fabric, and the interior is filled with high-precision PP cotton. The bed folds down easily, which makes it easier to take with you if you and your pet have to travel.

The FLAdorepet Bed is available in your choice of five adorable prints. Four of the five generally resemble a strawberry, but one of the patterns is a giraffe-style print. The bed is 9 inches long, 9 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The door measures 3.9 inches wide and 5.9 inches tall.

  • One of the cutest beds available
  • Easy to fold down and store when necessary
  • Many owners found it to be the perfect size for their pet
  • Offers excellent privacy for your pet
  • A few owners were disappointed in the durability of the bed
  • Several owners reported that it does not hold up well to machine washing

5. JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed

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The JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed mimics a den or burrow, which is very similar to the types of burrows your guinea pig’s wild relatives may use. This not only helps ensure your pet will enjoy a comfortable place to sleep, but it’ll also help him feel safe and secure too.

This bed is made from high-quality short plush to keep your pet comfortable, and the interior pad cover can be removed and machine washed. The bottom is made from non-slip rubber, to help keep the bed from sliding around your pet’s enclosure.

The JanYoo Bed comes in five different patterns, which resemble different animals (crocodile, giraffe, bee, pig and reindeer). It is also available in small (6.7″L x 7″W x 5.1″H) or large (9.06″L x 8.27″W x 5.91″H) sizes. The manufacturer recommends the small size for pets weighing less than 1 pound, while the large size is appropriate for pets weighing more than 1 pound.

  • Your choice of great-looking prints
  • Provides a secure place for your pet to sleep (which is especially helpful for nervous cavies)
  • Removable mat allows you to tailor the bed to your pet’s needs
  • Comes in two different sizes so you can pick the one that’s best for your pet
  • Does not come with clips
  • Some owners complained that the materials were low-quality
  • Owners report that it runs small

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Bed?

Most guinea pigs will appreciate having a nice, comfortable bed to use. However, they don’t need one to survive, and your guinea pig will not become sick or stressed by not having a bed.

But with that said, most people don’t keep a pet just so they can keep it alive. Most people who keep pets do so because they enjoy their animal’s company and they want their pet to be as happy as possible. Accordingly, it is a wise idea to give your pet cavy a comfortable bed, as this will help ensure he enjoys the highest quality of life possible.

What Benefits Does a Guinea Pig Bed Provide?

While not imperative, beds are certainly great for most guinea pigs. They will usually provide a lot of value to your pet, and they don’t cost very much either.

Some of the most notable benefits guinea pig beds provide include:

  • They provide your pet with a soft sleeping surface. Like most other animals (including humans!), guinea pigs would prefer to sleep on a soft surface, rather than the hard bars of their enclosure floor. Most high-quality guinea pig beds are stuffed with fluffy fill materials, thereby giving your pet a very comfortable place to sleep.
  • Some beds give your pet a place to hide. Some guinea pigs are a bit skittish or nervous, but tunnel- or den-like beds will give your pet a secure place to sleep. This will often help most guinea pigs feel more secure, which will drastically improve their quality of life. You don’t want your pet to be scared all the time!
  • Many beds will help your guinea pig sleep during the day, while the lights are on. Guinea pigs are naturally nocturnal, and this can make it difficult for them to sleep during the day when the lights are on in your home. But tunnel-style guinea pig beds offer a dark retreat, in which your pet will have an easier time falling asleep.
  • Guinea pig beds are cute. Although most of the benefits guinea pig beds provide are most helpful for your pet, it is important to remember that guinea pig beds are also adorable. This may not mean much to your pet, but it will likely make you happier every time you look in the enclosure.
  • Guinea pig beds increase the complexity of their enclosure. Mental stimulation is important for your guinea pig’s well-being, so it is usually a good idea to make sure your pet’s habitat includes a number of items to keep his brain busy – a barren, empty habitat will usually lead to a bored, depressed pet. Beds are one of the many things you can use to increase the habitat complexity, and therefore keep your pet’s mind busy.

Things to Look for When Buying a Guinea Pig Bed

Now that you understand the reasons you probably want to provide your guinea pig with a bed, it is important to familiarize yourself with the things to look for when picking out a specific product.

Some of the most crucial things to look for include the following:

✓ Pick a bed of the right size

Although it sounds obvious, you must be sure to select a bed that is large enough to accommodate your pet. The best way to do so is by measuring your guinea pig with a tape measure, and then looking for a bed that measures slightly larger than your pet. And although it is better to pick a bed that is too large than too small, try to avoid picking a bed that is larger than necessary, as it’ll just take up too much space in your pet’s home.

✓ Look for a bed made from comfortable materials

The best beds are made with plush, fur or velvet exterior surfaces, as these are the most comfortable materials for your pet. Also, try to select a bed that is stuffed with soft fill materials for maximum comfort and support.

✓ Be sure that the bed you choose is durable

While high-quality guinea pig beds will likely last for years, cheap, poorly made beds are unlikely to hold up for very long. This not only means you’ll have to replace the bed more quickly, but it also means that your guinea pig may be able to chew up the filler materials inside the bed, which could lead to a veterinary emergency.

✓ Clips help keep a guinea pig’s bed in place

Guinea pigs often move things around their enclosure, but the best beds come with clips that will attach to the sides of your pet’s enclosure. This will help prevent the bed from moving around in your pet’s cage and keep it in place.

✓ Remember that you’ll need to wash the bed from time to time

Over time, your guinea pig’s bed will become dirty. This can create a health hazard for your pet if you don’t wash it, as bacteria and other germs will often begin covering the sleeping surface. So, whenever possible, be sure to pick a guinea pig bed that is safe to use in the washing machine.

Final Notes

Giving your pet cavy a bed is one of the best ways to improve his quality of life. A good bed will not only provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep, but it’ll also ensure your pet feels secure too. Just be sure to choose your pet’s bed carefully so that you get one that’ll provide the most value for your money and remember to look for a bed that satisfies the criteria mentioned above.

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