Top 6 Best Logic Toys for Rabbits (2020)

logic toys for rabbits
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If you want your rabbit to live a long and enjoyable life, you don’t just need to worry about his physical wellbeing. Mental stimulation is just as important to help keep your bunny healthy and happy, which is why logic toys for rabbits are a great idea.

Interactive rabbit toys provide your furry friend with rewarding mental challenges. These are not only stimulating for your bunny, but they’re also a whole lot of fun and keep boredom at bay.

Keep reading for our guide to the best logic toys for rabbits and how to find the right puzzle toys for your bunny.

1. Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

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Not sure which rabbit puzzle toy is the best choice for your beautiful bunny? For our money, it’s pretty hard to go past the Living World Teach N Treat Toy.

Designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and a variety of other small animals, this interactive toy encourages your pet to use his brain power to search for treats. All you have to do is hide some of your bunny’s favorite treats in the toy and let him use his sight, smell and smarts to track them down.

There are three different difficulty levels so you can offer your pet more of a challenge as his skills improve. It’s a great learning experience that you and your furry friend can enjoy together.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Fun and interactive
  • Some buyers report that this toy is not overly challenging for some rabbits

2. Niteangel Treat Ball

Niteangel Treat Ball

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Searching for a rabbit treat ball to keep your bunny entertained for hours on end? The Niteangel Treat Ball is a popular option among small animal lovers for a number of reasons.

This fun little ball provides a rewarding brain game for inquisitive bunnies, available in small (2.8-inch/7cm diameter) and large (3.9-inch/10cm diameter) size. All you have to do is put your rabbit’s favorite treat inside the hollow ball, then adjust the size of the opening to create a suitable level of difficulty for your rabbit.

Then you can sit back and enjoy the show while your pet nudges and tosses the ball around to release the treats. There are three different ball colors to choose from, and this is a great way for bunnies to beat boredom when you’re not around.

  • Adjustable opening
  • Two sizes available
  • A simple but effective boredom buster
  • Some owners complain it is a little difficult to clean
  • Not a hit with all bunnies

3. Trixie Pet Products Snack Board

Trixie Pet Products Snack Board

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Next on our list of the best rabbit logic toys is this fun snack board from Trixie Pet Products.

The basic premise behind this toy is a simple one: you hide treats under one or more of the seven lids, and your rabbit has to lift the lids to find his next snack. This offers exercise and mental stimulation for your furry friend, plus plenty of entertainment for you while you watch them go to work.

  • Simple way to beat boredom
  • Rewarding and stimulating for bunnies
  • Durable
  • Treat holes are too small for some bunnies to access
  • Too easy for some rabbits

4. WINNIGUINEAPOO Winnie’s Honey Treat Pot

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If you’re looking for a cute and fun toy that’ll also offer plenty of mental stimulation for your bunny, look no further than Winnie’s Honey Treat Pot.

Made from unfinished hardwood maple, this cute little toy is the perfect place for you to hide your rabbit’s favorite tasty treat. Your bun can then use his nose to sniff out the snack, and put his brain power to use to find out how to get to the food.

It’s lots of fun for both you and your pet, and is well worth a look if you’re searching for your rabbit’s first toy.

  • Encourages foraging instincts
  • Made from pet-safe materials
  • Very cute
  • Some customers report bunnies chewing rope off lid
  • Not a hit with all bunnies

5. Kaytee Toss & Learn Carrot Game

Kaytee Toss & Learn Carrot Game

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If you’re searching for an interactive bunny toy for your rabbit’s cage, the Kaytee Toss & Learn Carrot Game is definitely worth a look. This wooden toy allows you to hide your pet’s favorite treats under the carrot chew toys, then let him use his sense of smell and brain power to sniff out a tasty snack.

The game comes with two mounting bolts and nuts so you can mount it to your rabbit’s cage. Your bunny can also chew on the carrot toys to help wear his teeth down and maintain dental health.

  • Can be mounted to your pet’s cage
  • Fun boredom buster
  • Also features three chew toys
  • May be too small for some rabbits
  • Some owners report that their bunnies have chewed the tops off the carrot chew toys

6. Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

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Last but not least on our list of the best logic toys for rabbits is this rolling chew toy from Bunny Blast. Made from natural dried yucca, this toy is 100% biodegradable and worth considering if you’re an eco-conscious buyer.

It’s also a simple but effective way to keep your bunny entertained. You can fill the holes on the toy with treats, and then watch your pet roll and toss it around to release his snacks, offering a rewarding way to beat boredom.

  • Biodegradable
  • Simple to use
  • Some buyers complain the toy is too soft
  • Some customers complain it is too dusty

Rabbit Puzzle Toy Buying Guide

Benefits of Logic Toys for Rabbits

Why buy bunny puzzle toys? The main advantage of these toys is that they provide mental stimulation for your pet. Rabbits are much more intelligent than they’re often given credit for, and puzzle toys allow you to tap into your bunny’s brain power.

Bunnies who are bored or who aren’t provided with sufficient mental challenges can become depressed and destructive. Logic toys encourage your bunny to put his mind to work and engage with the world around him, which can lead to a longer and happier life. They also allow him to indulge his natural foraging instincts.

Next, there’s the fun factor. Instead of being stuck in a boring cage all day long, rabbits need outlets for their physical and mental energy. Logic toys can keep your rabbit entertained for hours, plus motivate them to stay more active than they otherwise would.

Finally, logic toys don’t just have to be something for your rabbit to play with when you’re not around. In fact, they give you and your furry friend a great excuse to spend some quality time together, and watching your bunny put his problem-solving skills to work is a wonderful experience.

How to Choose the Best Logic Toys for Rabbits

Before deciding which logic toy to buy for your rabbit, it’s a good idea to shop around. Consider the following factors when comparing rabbit puzzle toys:

  • Your bunny’s play style. Some bunnies love to be as active as possible, some are much more sedate and laid-back, while others will do just about anything for a treat. Consider the type of toys your rabbit gets the most enjoyment out of to help you choose logic toys your pet should love.
  • Your pet’s favorite treats. Think of the one healthy, tasty treat that your pet loves above all others, then make sure it’ll be suitable to fit into any puzzle toy you’re thinking of buying.
  • Durability. Does your rabbit like to chew his toys and toss them around? If so, be sure to search for long-lasting toys that will stand up to regular use — check reviews from other customers to gauge a product’s durability.
  • Safety. Make sure any logic toy you choose is made with non-toxic materials that are safe for rabbits. Also, be wary of any products that may contain choking hazards.
  • Price. Cost will be a factor for most buyers, but the good news is that many logic toys for rabbits are reasonably affordable. That said, savings can still be had if you’re willing to compare prices and shop around for a bargain.

Final Thoughts

The Living World Teach N Treat Toy is our pick as the best logic toy for rabbits. It’s fun, stimulating and rewarding for bunnies, while the Niteangel Treat Ball is also well worth considering if you’re searching for a rabbit treat ball.

Of course, the main thing to remember is to compare products to find the best rabbit puzzle toys for your pet. Playstyles vary from one rabbit to the next, so shop around for the right toy to give your bunny an interactive mental challenge.

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