Top 7 Best Rabbit Harnesses & Leashes (2020)

best rabbit harness
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Did you know that you can take your rabbit for a walk? That’s right, just like the family dog, your bunny can be put on a leash and taken for a stroll.

But if you want to get out and about with your furry friend, you’ll need to find the best rabbit harness. A quality harness helps you keep full control of your bunny at all times, ensuring that he doesn’t hop away and keeping him safe from any predators.

There’s a wide range of bunny harnesses to choose from, so keep reading to find out how to choose the best rabbit harness for your needs.

1. Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash

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Boasting a cute design and a host of practical features, the Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness is our pick as the best rabbit harness.

Made of durable mesh, this Niteangel harness is designed to offer comfort and support for your bunny. It can be adjusted at the chest and stomach to fit rabbits of different shapes and sizes, and there’s an extra nylon strap with a snap buckle for additional security.

The harness is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. It also comes with an elastic leash that extends to up to 98 inches (250cm) on the large harness so you can give your bunny space to roam safely.

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Adjustable at chest and stomach
  • Can be difficult to find the right size for your pet
  • Some customers complain leash is too stretchy to allow you to control your rabbit

2. Calunce Soft Rabbit Harness with Leash

Calunce Soft Rabbit Harness with Leash

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If you’re searching for a small rabbit harness, this soft harness from Calunce is definitely worth a closer look.

Designed for small rabbits in the 3lb-6lb weight range, it can fit a stomach circumference of 9.8-12.6in (25-32cm). The harness is made from mesh and nylon, and is adjustable at the chest and stomach so you can ensure a snug fit.

Plastic clips and a snap buckle are included to help you securely attach the harness to your bunny, while it also comes in a choice of three colors. The harness is paired with a 47in (120cm) leash so that you and your bunny have everything you need to go exploring.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable mesh material
  • Three colors available
  • Only designed for small rabbits
  • Some customers report that the harness is easy for bunnies to remove

3. Kloud City Adjustable Rabbit Harness

Kloud City Adjustable Rabbit Harness

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Next on our list of the best rabbit harnesses is this simple but practical number.

This H-style harness features a neck girth of 8.25-10.5in (approx. 21-26cm) and a breast girth of 13-14in (approx. 33-35cm), and it’s easy to adjust the size to suit your rabbit’s unique dimensions. It also comes with a 47in (approx. 120cm) leash and a small bell.

It’s another harness that is best suited to small bunnies, so make sure you check your own rabbit’s key measurements before you buy.

  • Simple to adjust
  • Works well
  • Comes with a bell
  • Not suitable for larger bunnies
  • Some customers report that the clasps are difficult to operate

4. FunPetLife Adjustable Rabbit Harness and Leash Set

FunPetLife Adjustable Rabbit Harness and Leash Set

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Are you searching for a bunny harness that’s as cute as it is practical? If so, this adjustable harness and leash set from FunPetLife could be the perfect fit.

The first feature you notice is that set of adorable angel wings attached to the harness, which will ensure your rabbit gets plenty of admiring looks wherever you go. But it also includes all the essential features you need to take your bunny walking, including a secure locking clip and a 47in (approx. 120cm) leash.

This harness and leash set is available in six bright colors to suit your pet’s unique personality. It also fits a neck girth of 7-8.5in (17.8-21.6cm) and a chest girth of 11.5-14.5in (29.2-36.8cm), and is machine washable for quick and easy cleaning.

  • You’ve gotta love those cute wings
  • Safe and secure
  • Available in six colors
  • Some owners may prefer an elastic leash
  • Not as popular as some other options on this list

5. Persuper Soft Nylon Rabbit Harness and Leash

Persuper Soft Nylon Rabbit Harness and Leash

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Another H harness you might like to consider is this nylon rabbit leash and harness set from Persuper.

Soft, comfortable and lightweight, this harness is designed not to put any pressure on your bunny’s neck. It features quick-release buckles for easy attachment and removal, while the harness is adjustable to suit neck girths ranging from 7 to 10.2 inches (approx. 17-26cm) and chest girths in the 7.8-11.8in (20-30cm) range.

Available in blue and pink designs, the harness is paired with a 47in leash (approx. 120cm).

  • Easy to attach
  • Adjustable
  • Some owners prefer an elastic leash
  • Not suitable for larger rabbit breeds

6. Pettom Bunny Harness with Stretchy Leash

Pettom Bunny Harness with Stretchy Leash

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This vest harness for bunnies is another option well worth a closer look if you’d like to start walking your rabbit. Made from a breathable mesh material, it’s padded for extra comfort and is designed for use all year round.

Available in two sizes (small and large), it’s suitable for rabbits weighing between 3lb and 8lb. It features durable polyester and is paired with a 47in (120cm) elastic nylon leash, giving you everything you need to take your bunny out and about.

Finally, the harness can be adjusted at the chest and stomach to suit different pets, and includes an extra nylon strap with snap buckle to ensure a secure fit.

  • Available in four colors
  • Designed specifically for rabbits
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Some customers complain the harness is difficult to attach

7. Kaytee Comfort Harness and Stretchy Leash

Kaytee Comfort Harness and Stretchy Leash

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This bunny harness and leash combo from Kaytee is a popular choice among small animal owners for several reasons, especially if you’re searching for a small rabbit harness.

Featuring adjustable velcro straps, it’s designed to be easy to fit a wide range of pets. It features a snap buckle to reduce the risk of your pet slipping free, and comes with a 6ft (1.83m) elastic leash to help you control your bunny without injuring them.

However, it’s worth noting that this harness is only suitable for dwarf rabbit breeds and other small animals, so owners of larger bunnies will need to look elsewhere.

  • Available in four colors
  • Easy to attach and adjust
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Only suitable for dwarf rabbit breeds
  • Some customers report durability issues

Rabbit Harness Buying Guide

Benefits of Rabbit Harnesses

Why should you buy a rabbit harness? There are a few important reasons why investing in a bunny harness and leash is a good idea:

  • Exercise your pet. Regular exercise is important to help your bunny stay happy and healthy. With a good-quality harness at your disposal, you can help your rabbit stretch his legs in new and exciting places.
  • Provide mental stimulation. For most of his life, your bunny is confined to his cage, your home, and maybe your yard. But when you take him for a walk with a leash and harness, you can let him safely explore different and interesting places.
  • Stop your rabbit hopping off. If your rabbit is curious or just a speedy little hopper, a good bunny harness and leash combo will ensure that he can’t escape while you’re out exploring. This helps keep your bunny safe, for example, by stopping him hopping onto a busy road.
  • Protect your pet from predators. Finally, by stopping your bunny from running off, you’ll be able to keep him safe from dogs and other predators.

Types of Rabbit Harnesses

Before you buy a harness for your bunny, make sure you’re aware of the different types of rabbit harnesses available. There are three main options to choose from:

  • Vest harness. Designed especially for rabbits and other small animals, these harnesses are commonly made from breathable mesh and wrap around your pet’s body. They can usually be secured with velcro or buckles and feature a ring on top where the leash can be attached.
  • H harness. This harness gets its name from the fact that when you lay it out on the table, it looks like a letter H. This type of harness features straps and buckles around the neck and waist areas, with both straps able to be adjusted to suit your pet’s size.
  • Shoulder harness. Commonly used by rabbit agility competitors, these harnesses strap across the bunny’s chest. This means they place the strain on your rabbit’s shoulders rather than his neck. However, they’re not as widely available as other types of harnesses.

What to Look for When Choosing a Rabbit Harness

If you’re searching for the best bunny harness, be sure to consider the following factors when comparing products:

  • Size. The first factor you’ll need to consider is the size of your harness. It needs to be large enough to fit around your rabbit comfortably, but small enough so that your pet can’t easily slip out of it. Check the manufacturer’s harness dimensions and measure your bunny’s key areas (neck, chest, and stomach) before you buy.
  • Safety. Next, check whether the harness will be safe for your bunny to wear. Does it attach securely to your furry friend? Is there any risk of it causing injury or unnecessary strain to your rabbit? Is it made using non-toxic materials?
  • Comfort. The best rabbit harnesses will also be super-comfortable for your pet to wear. If your bunny is particularly fussy about wearing harnesses and accessories, look for a harness specially designed to be as soft and comfortable as possible. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll also want to find a product made from breathable material that won’t cause your pet to overheat.
  • Durability. You want the harness you choose to be tough and long-lasting. Not only will this ensure that you get value for money, but it’ll also give you extra peace of mind that your bunny won’t be able to escape his harness. Check customer reviews to find out whether the harness has stood the test of time for other bunny owners.
  • Ease of attachment. Many rabbits don’t like to sit still, while others might be frightened by the prospect of putting on a harness. With this in mind, look for easy-to-use buckles that can be clipped and unclipped quickly.
  • Ease of adjustment. Next, check whether the harness can be adjusted to suit your bunny as they grow. Check reviews from other customers to find out whether the straps can be easily loosened and tightened.
  • Leash included. Many rabbit harnesses are also sold with a leash. If this is the case, check whether the leash is elastic or not, how long it is, and where it attaches to the harness. Some owners prefer elastic leashes because they give your bunny freedom to roam and don’t place too much stress on your pet’s body. Others prefer conventional leashes because they provide greater control over your pet’s pet movements.
  • Cuteness factor. If you’re a fashion-conscious bunny owner, you’ll obviously want to look for a harness that comes in a color that suits your pet. From bow ties to angel wings, some harnesses also come with creative designs to add a little extra personality to your rabbit’s walking gear.

How to Train Your Rabbit to Walk on a Leash

Many bunny owners are surprised to learn that it is possible to leash train a rabbit. However, given the cautious nature of rabbits, you will need plenty of patience.

While some rabbits will adapt to wearing a harness quite easily, many will not. In fact, some bunnies will be quite skittish and even frightened when first confronted with a harness and leash, so it’s best to slowly introduce your pet to the new equipment.

Let them sniff and play with the harness and leash, and give them a reward for doing so. You can then gradually get them used to wearing the harness — you may not even buckle it up the first few times — then let them play and explore for a little while before attaching a leash.

Once your bunny is comfortable in the harness, you can then put them on a leash and start exploring. Just remember that walking with a bunny is very different from walking a dog — all you have to do is let your rabbit choose where he wants to go, while you follow along and gently adjust his course when needed.

FAQs About Rabbit Harness

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Yes, harnesses are safe for rabbits to use. However, remember these few simple safety precautions to help your pet avoid injury or discomfort:

  • Only use a harness designed specifically for use on rabbits.
  • Never use a collar and leash combo as this could cause injury.
  • Make sure the harness doesn’t restrict your pet’s breathing, movement or comfort.
  • Don’t pull hard on the leash; let your bunny lead you at their own pace.
  • Keep an eye on the surrounding area for any potential hazards.

How Do You Measure a Rabbit for a Harness?

To ensure that the harness you choose fits correctly, you may need to measure your bunny’s:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Stomach

Measure your bunny while he’s in a sitting position to ensure the harness will fit him properly. You can then compare those measurements to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer.

How Tight Should the Harness Be?

Finding the correct tightness is a balancing act. On the one hand, you don’t want the harness to be so loose that your bunny can escape. On the other hand, a harness that is too tight could hamper your bunny’s ability to breathe or to move around, which is obviously a big no-no.

As a general guide, you should be able to fit one or two fingers between the straps and your pet’s body.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the top harness for your bunny, we reckon it’s hard to go past the Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash. Alternatively, the Kloud City Adjustable Rabbit Harness is well worth a look if you want an H harness.

Ultimately, the main thing to remember is to shop around. There’s a huge range of products available, so compare the best rabbit harnesses to find the right one for your pet.

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