Top 10 Dwarf Rabbit Breeds (That Stay Small Forever)

dwarf rabbit breeds that stay small
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Dwarf rabbits are experiencing a surge in popularity as pets, and it’s not hard to see why. These adorable bunnies aren’t just ridiculously cute, they’re also gentle, affectionate, and love being around their humans.

If you’re looking for a mini rabbit breed that’ll be the perfect match for your family, check out our list of the best dwarf rabbit breeds.

Dwarf Rabbit Breeds vs. Small Rabbit Breeds

Before we go any further, we should point out that there’s a difference between dwarf rabbits and small rabbits.

To officially be labeled a dwarf rabbit, a bunny breed must have the dwarf gene. This gene produces a number of distinctive physical characteristics, including a small body with a big head, large adorable eyes, and short ears. Most of the bunny breeds in this list feature the dwarf gene.

However, some bunny breeds are tiny in size but aren’t officially recognized as dwarf breeds. Instead, these small bunnies are created through a selective breeding process designed to produce smaller and smaller — this process is known as dwarfing. 

The Britannia Petite rabbit is one example we’ve included in this list. Even though it’s not officially a dwarf bunny breed, it’s still small in stature and worth considering if you’re searching for a compact pet. 

How Big Will a Dwarf Rabbit Get?

If you’re thinking of adding a dwarf rabbit breed to your family, you’re probably wondering what you can expect as your bunny grows. Do dwarf rabbits stay small? How big will your dwarf bunny get?

The answer to the first question is yes; they do stay much smaller than traditional rabbit breeds.

As for how big your rabbit will get, that depends on the breed. For example, the maximum weight accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association for the Netherland Dwarf is 2.5lb, while the maximum weight of an American Fuzzy Lop is 4lb.

Read up on different small rabbit breeds before you buy so you can find one that’s the right size for you. To help get you started, here’s our guide to the 10 best dwarf bunny breeds.

1. Netherland Dwarf

white Netherland Dwarf rabbit

There’s no better place to start a list of the top10 dwarf rabbit breeds than with the Netherland Dwarf. One of the most popular breeds of all sizes, this gorgeous little bunny was developed in Holland in the early 20th century.

And although he may be small, he’s huge on personality. The Nethie is a curious and inquisitive little fellow with a definite playful side. While he can be shy at times, he’s got plenty of affection to share and loves spending time with his humans.

It’s also pretty obvious that the Netherland Dwarf is very easy on the eye. With those beautiful big eyes, upright ears, and a coat that comes in more than 20 colors, this is one small bunny you can fall in love with straight away.

Of course, given the Nethie’s tiny size, careful handling is a must. But if you can take extra-special care of this adorable little furball, you’ll be rewarded with a gentle and affectionate companion.

2. Dwarf Hotot

You’d be hard-pressed to find a small bunny breed any more distinctive than the Dwarf Hotot. With its soft white coat, black eye markings, and tiny stature, this little rabbit is as pretty as a picture.

Created by crossing the larger Blanc de Hotot with smaller rabbit breeds, the Dwarf Hotot was developed in Germany. It made its way to the USA in the 1980s. It’s since developed an army of loyal fans around the world who are drawn to the breed’s combination of good looks and a winning personality.

These friendly, sociable little bunnies enjoy spending plenty of quality time with their family. They’re always up for some cuddle time but are also capable of entertaining themselves when left alone.

And because they don’t require a whole lot of grooming, they’re well worth considering if you’re searching for a low-maintenance bunny.

3. Holland Lop

cute holland lop rabbit

With the Netherland Dwarf and now the Holland Lop, you’d be right to assume that the Dutch are fond of small rabbits. One of the most popular rabbit breeds in the United States today, the Holland Lop, was developed in the Netherlands in the 1950s.

Growing to a weight of 4lbs, this gorgeous breed is easy to pick out of a crowd thanks to its unique floppy ears and large head. It’s also very easy to fall in love with, as there’s a personality-plus bunny hiding behind those beautiful looks.

A great pet for kids, Holland Lops are active bunnies and always up for a game or an adventure. They relish any opportunity to stretch their legs and also feel right at home whenever they get to enjoy some bonding time with their humans.

Holland Lops are easy-going and often love being handled, making them a good fit in a wide range of homes. 

4. Columbia Basin Pygmy

columbia basin pygmy rabbit

Next on our list of the world’s smallest rabbit breeds is this rare breed that hails from Washington state. The Columbia Basin Pygmy is the smallest rabbit in North America and is also listed as endangered. In 2002, just 16 of these cuties remained in Washington. Conservation efforts are currently underway to help the Columbia Basin Pygmy thrive once again.

Weighing less than 1lb, this teeny-tiny bunny features a round, compact body and strong legs. Its grayish-brown coat is lovely and soft, and this fascinating little fellow always stays close to his burrow.

Unfortunately, these wild rabbits aren’t suitable as pets. But that doesn’t mean we can’t admire a few photos of these oh-so-cute little critters.

5. Britannia Petite

The Britannia Petite, known as the Polish rabbit in the UK, is one of the smallest domestic rabbit breeds in this list. Weighing in at a maximum of 2.5lbs, this little cutie is known for its standout good looks.

An arched body, pointed ears, and big eyes are a few of the hallmarks of the breed, while that short and soft coat comes in a variety of colors.

An energetic breed, the Britannia Petite enjoys plenty of activity and the chance to do some indoor exploration. However, these rabbits do have a reputation for being a little more highly strung than many other breeds, so they’re not an excellent choice for first-time owners.

But if you’re an experienced handler searching for a unique and charming bunny, the Britannia Petite may be the ideal choice.

6. Lionhead

lionhead rabbits

Impressive name. Even more remarkable bunny. 

The Lionhead gets its name from the distinctive woolly mane that circles its head. Combined with its compact body and ultra-cute fluffiness, this makes the breed look very huggable indeed.

Developed in Belgium by crossing the Netherland Dwarf and the Swiss Fox, this rare breed has only started to gain popularity in the United States in fairly recent times. The Lionhead has already won its fair share of admirers, though, thanks in large part to its friendly and good-natured personality.

Lionheads are active bunnies that love to play, and they also usually get on quite well with children. And because they’re affectionate rabbits that love company, these delightful little fluffballs might just steal your heart.

7. Jersey Wooly

jersey wooly rabbit

A calm, pint-sized bunny with an adorable wooly coat — what’s not to love about the Jersey Wooly.

Weighing in at up to 3lbs, this popular breed was developed in New Jersey in the 1980s. With its chunky body, upright ears, and a cute coat that comes in many different colors, the Jersey Wooly is certainly striking.

But the breed’s most endearing feature is, without doubt, its gentle nature. These docile, easy-going rabbits are happy to take each day as it comes. They’re sweet-natured, affectionate, and are nicknamed “no-kick” bunnies because they don’t kick their handlers.

It’s really not hard to see why the Jersey Wooly has become such a popular choice among bunny enthusiasts.

8. Mini Rex

mini rex bunnies

No list of the best dwarf bunny breeds would be complete without the much-loved Mini Rex. Though it’s only a relatively new breed, this Texas-developed bunny has quickly won a place in the hearts of many rabbit enthusiasts.

Why? Well, maybe it’s the fact that the Rex has beautiful, soft fur that comes in a wide variety of colors. Perhaps it’s because of their miniature size (maximum weight 4.5lbs), those upright ears, and perfect looks. Or maybe it’s due to the simple fact that the Mini Rex has a calm, settled nature and can get on well with people of all ages.

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of good reasons why this lovely little bunny breed could be the perfect choice for your next furry family member.

9. American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop rabbits

If you’re searching for the best dwarf rabbit breeds developed right here in the USA, the American Fuzzy Lop is worth a closer look. 

This fuzzy little fellow is essentially a lot like a Holland Lop but with a delightful wooly coat. Weighing in at up to 4lbs, the American Fuzzy Lop is undeniably cute and cuddly, with distinctive floppy ears that complete his adorable appearance.

But it’s in the temperament stakes where this bunny truly shines. Playful and energetic, American Fuzzy Lops are no stranger to action and adventure. They’re also a good choice for children and have plenty of love and affection to share with the human members of their family.

So if you’re looking for a sweet-natured, low-maintenance dwarf rabbit breed, the American Fuzzy Lop should be high on your shopping list.

10. Mini Satin

mini satin rabbit

Last but not least, in our collection of the top 10 small rabbit breeds, the beautiful Mini Satin has plenty of features to admire.

Developed from the standard Satin rabbit, the Mini achieved official recognition from the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 2006. That gorgeous, shiny coat is probably the breed’s number-one feature. At the same time, its variety of colors and rounded appearance also make you want to snuggle up to this adorable fur-baby.

The Mini Satin is also well-known as a gentle and easy-going pet. Provided your bunny is socialized from a young age and used to being handled, he’ll be more than happy to be a loyal and loving pet for life.

Why Should I Consider Getting a Small Rabbit?

There are plenty of reasons why a dwarf bunny could be a great choice for your family. Here are just a few of them:

  • They eat less. Smaller rabbits require less food than their larger counterparts, helping to keep your expenses down.
  • They take up less space. Dwarf rabbits take up less space than traditional bunny breeds, making it easier to welcome them into houses and apartments. Of course, you’ll still need to make sure you choose a cage that’s a suitable size for your rabbit.
  • They’re great indoor pets. These compact pets should be kept indoors to keep them safe from predators. The added bonus is that it makes it a whole lot easier for you to interact with and cuddle up to your bunny.
  • They’re jaw-droppingly cute. OK, so we saved the best for last. There’s simply no denying the appeal of a tiny little furball you can call your own. With their small stature and adorable personalities, these bunnies do prove that good things come in small packages.


There are many different types of dwarf rabbits to choose from, with each breed having its unique characteristics. If you’re searching for a small bunny to call your own, compare mini rabbit breeds to find one that’s the perfect fit for your family.

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